My art practice deals with four main topics:

  • The first is the proposal to change the paradigm of how people appreciate and value art and how the importance of artists and artwork is established.
  • The second is to question how the artist's fame and prestige are determinant factors of how our idea of art is built.
  • The third is a provocation to let people consider how artwork prices is actually defined in a subjective matter. They are fixed mainly on the function of friends and family of the gallerist and the artists.
  • And the fourth is an invitation to be conscious of how the property of art is an illusion in our social mind. It is an ultimate factor for manipulating and speculating with the artworks, also used to bring some recognition to be accepted in some social circles.


Ongoing project - started July 2020
Capital Knowledge in Art
Ongoing project - started Juni 2017
Organization for the Democratization of the Visual Arts
May 2019
Investment instruments and artworks that increase their value at rate of 50% per year
The New Art Market for everybody
June 2019
Participative Installation, Galeria Libertad, Mexico
Ongoing project - started Nov 2020
Just click in the shape and win one of three original artworks!
The most beautiful people magazine - Participative Projekt Magazine / Art Catalog
102 Pieces combining digital printing and drawing
On going project - started at July 2019
Tired of your 9-5 job? Here you can find the answer to not bring frustated for your current job
Equality and DIversity CCFAF Version
On going project - started at 2007
If you can't collect art, collect artists
Mixed Media works and interventions
Ongoing project - started Dec 2020
Original crayon drawings, figurative - narrative day to day life!
Work in progress - started at Jan 2020
Corona MIxed Media Works 2020
May 2019
How to create the perfect life that the style magazines try to sell us?
2005 - Today
Almost all my works