In 2009 I started a mixed media work composed of A4 pages. This project I called Neverending Painting. This should an artwork that never ends and extends infinitely in all directions, this is composed of 108 pages, shown one time at the Gallery Cruce in Berlin. Years after, in 2020 I continued the work creating and expanding the painting, creating others and inviting other artists to propose artworks based on this concept. Then I thought that would be easy to see the works creating an interface to navigate the works and see them complete virtually. This project I called X-Paintings


X-Painting is a new model to create, visualize and acquire art. Every X-Painting is created and composed by individual pieces (drawing or paintings with a maximum size of A3) in unlimited quantity and can be extended by the artist in all directions. The X-Paintings can be acquired in any number from 1 to the number of pieces available. Visit the x-paintings website