Who the $#@%! is DHAdmann?

I grew up in Mexico in a pseudo middle class family and separated parents. My mother fought tirelessly to give us the best education, in Mexico the best schools are the private ones and among "better" it is, more expensive, even when those who administer it are Catholic priests. Being in these schools I could see that my friends had many things that I did not have: luxury cars, huge houses, servants, vacations in Europe, etc. This made me question my origin and give food to my work. However, before questioning me what I had was only a discomfort and a complex. But I could see that there were few who had a lot and many who had little, my mother wanted to take us to that social level through an education in expensive schools, but now I realize that I only had half of the information for get to that status, because the other half had to come from my house.

When I discovered art and began to study and observe it, I realized the similarity between the third world and the inequality that I had experienced in my childhood and the world of art. I also realized that there were people of great influence in the art world because they were rich and not because of their knowledge and merits in this. So I pose the question that has been the basis for all the development my work and projects. If these people, because they are rich and without knowledge of art, can be influential in the art world, how can a person with knowledge in art and without being rich influence the world of art? This is how my search and research began, which has led to projects and mechanisms to democratize the decisions that define the importance of artists and the price of works. From models that include a greater number of people with knowledge in art and not from a populist perspective.