Art Market Deconstruction

The only way how I found to transgress the borders of art is through the deconstruction of the art market. The Art market has been pivotal in the writing of art history and in the definition of "good" and "bad" art and artists. My belief is that there are forces pressuring the art market change and Internet is playing a central role on it. In the artist’s career to become famous, the artwork and the person lose its matter, like any people in virtual environments. Nevertheless this particular dematerialization is a construction based on his prominence or prestige, the results of people's attention. "Attention by other people is the most irresistible drugs... This is also why it is becoming popular in our society to rank income in attention above money income"*

In order to find answers to the question: What art is?, I do research in the art market. I pretend to knock down its elitism inserting democratic art models. The main characteristic of these art models is: Everybody can participate of the artworks in a affordable way, and at the same time play the game of the prestige. This means that any person can participate in the speculation of an artist or an artwork, independently if it’s an expensive artwork or from a famous artist. The models I propose allows artworks having low prices while its speculative value do not decrease. This models works like a virus in the art world, because if this artworks are showed and sold by art institutions, those art institutions (who create the fame of the artists and artworks) are accepting that its decisions can be questionable by any person. And the democratization of the art market succeed.

Internet is a democratic media. It is an environment in which the artwork and their mechanisms can be accessible for everybody. Besides being virtual, the Internet has something physical behind. Manuel Delanda calls "the new materialism". As we human beings are physical, we need a physical experience in the artworks. This is why I create hybrid artworks with a virtual part (online) and a physical part (offline).

* Georg Franck "The Economy of Attention", 1995

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