Social mechanisms work as authomatic machines that allows our society and individuals function in a more or less structured and organized way obtaining what they need when they want. They normally works in the subcouncious of the society and is very confortable to have them there because it save us a lot of effort in regards of communication and time, everybody knows them and knows how they works step by step. But this is a double side weapon, from one side is a very easy and confortable tool that can be used anytime when someone needs, but for other side are dangerous ways that people get use to use it, creating addiction and because exist in the blind side of the society nobody question their procedures and their existance, slowly create damages in some parts of the society and later in a big part of it.

  1. Is understood as social mechanism a flow of linked entities, actions, procedures or events (X) that give as a consequence, in certain circumstances, another event, object or entity (Y) in the realm of human social relations.

  2. Social mechanisms are used by the society and human mind to structure the way to reach a goal or understand the functionallity of a system.

  3. There are many social mechanisms used daily in common life. The observation and understanding of those mechanisms can help artists to create art works / art projects.

  4. Social mechanisms can be used, copied or appropiated totally or partially to create art works / art projects.

  5. Artists should define cleary witch social mechanism is used, copied or appropiated to create a mechanitist art work / art project.

  6. A mechanitist art work / art project can be used as a vehicle to reflect behaviors or critize systems, etc. A mechanitist art work / art project has to have a mission or goal cleary defined by the artist.

  7. Can be used any media or art form material or immaterial to create a mechanitist art work / art project. It could last from one moment to many years.

  8. A mechanitist art work / art project does not harm any life form in any way to reach their purpose, goal or mission.

  9. A mechanitist art work / art project can be inserted and exist or coexist in real environments of the society and not only restricted to exist in the boundaries of the art world.