My conceptual and new media art projects deals with four main topics:

  • The first is the proposal to change the paradigm of how people appreciate and value art and how the importance of artists and artwork is established.
  • The second is to question how the artist's fame and prestige are determinant factors of how our idea of art is built.
  • The third is a provocation to let people consider how artwork prices is actually defined in a subjective matter. They are fixed mainly on the function of friends and family of the gallerist and the artists.
  • And the fourth is an invitation to be conscious of how the property of art is an illusion in our social mind. It is an ultimate factor for manipulating and speculating with the artworks, also used to bring some recognition to be accepted in some social circles.

Conceptual and Hybrid Art Projects

Change of Paradigm
Questioning the Price of the Art
Questioning the Fame and Prestige in Art World
Questioning the Property of the Art