Stockartist - The New Art Market for everybody

The core idea of ‘Stockartist’ comes from the ostensibly similar ways with which both the art and the stock market work. In both cases, prices are subject to speculative evaluations of the interesees in the field such as expert estimations and hearsay of the public and the media.

In the stock market a company consists of thousands or millions of ‘pieces’ called shares. In this way the total value of the company is divided and the price of each share becomes affordable and accessible for a large part of the population who can therefore own a ‘piece’ of the company and can have a say concerning its price and value in the market.

The proposal of the ‘Stockartist’ is to replicate this model for the art world, meaning that artists could play a similar role in the art market to companies in the stock market.

How is this idea applied?

Artists, who participate in ‘Stockartist’, should create one special artwork. This artwork should be composed of at least 100 pieces called ‘Artstocks’ or ‘Art-shares’. Every ‘Artstock’ can be acquired independently by anyone at an affordable price, which is between 1 and 99 Euros. This allows the high price of an artwork to be distributed in small amounts, therefore reaching a wider range of people.

Stockartist is an art project that produces lasting changes that will function socially, economically and artistically. As the main goal is to amplify the target group of the art market, the StockArtist benefits from the most efficient and democratic model of communication - the Internet. On the respective website online users can acquire, auction and exchange the artstocks or art-shares representing the participating artists. Offline, Stockartist consists of a global network of institutions that show, promote and sell artstocks.

Participation in the Stockartist model is not limited to traditional art institutions, but is also available to unique commercial spaces that would like to participate. This includes permanent locations in cities around the world. Each city can host organized exhibitions consisting of works based on the Stockartist model.