The Neverending Painting

This is an art project consisting of an unlimited number of A4 size art pieces. Every piece has on every side an sliced draw, shape or line in a way that can be continued in any direction. Also every piece should be made usign painting, drawing, photography, video or mixed media. The current work consist of a 102 piece using color pen and digital printing on paper.

*I think painting should reflect real life. Traditional painting only give us a small glimpse of one particular point of view and this is not how we see life trough our own eyes. From birth to death, we see life as a continuos flow of images.

*In the modern world visual images are very complex. Nothing surprise us any more, dramatic scenes, accidents, terrorism bombard us every day. A painting made or showed outside of the boundaries of an institutional space is not a great event. It is only important to know wo the artist is and the price. In my opinion, today's painting needs an extra ingridient to satisfy "the Society of the Spectacle".

*I 'm not trying to break a Guinness Record. Rather, the Neverending Painting project is a proposal witch aims to democratize the art market. Using this tool, artists can become part of the Stockartist model. All art pieces will start with the same price, fluctuating according to market demand via the Stockartist mechanism.