At the end of May2019, Ill participate in the Conference Tools for the future: Researching Art Market Practices taking place at the Kingston University of London. Ill talk about the "Pure Taste Indicator" the main project of the ODBK.

As the art market has grown and evolved worldwide, there have been many instances where new areas of production, trade, collecting and valuation of art have emerged. This academic conference and workshop focuses on exploring new paradigms and ways that art markets function, whether in the primary or secondary sector.

The aim of this two-day conference and workshop is to evaluate, analyse and explore the range of mechanisms by which a particular ‘product’ enters the art market, how these markets evolve and who are the key players whether collectors or dealers,) individuals or institutions as well as the range of other agents. Well document prior areas of research into art market innovation, emergence and growth include17th century imports of Chinese and Japanese ceramics, lacquers and textiles; the market for 17th century Dutch and Flemish paintings in Paris and London during the 18th century; and the rise of the Barbizon school in 19th-century Paris. More recently we have seen the emergence of photography and street art as important areas of production introducing both opportunities and risks to existing and new players. New art forms such as digital and video art raise further questions as to whether existing models of agency are still appropriate and thus, whether new technology is fundamentally changing the creation, trade, consumption and validation of art.

This conference invites new and existing research around the emergence of art markets, their evolution and dynamics. Conference topics will include: the role of the state in the development of markets, the role of the artist. The art fair and the collector the creation of new markets, the dealer and the market, mapping markets, the role o f new media and impact of social change – with an ongoing focus and discussion on the tools, techniques, research methods and strategies which enable the study of art markets.

In-depth discussion following each group of papers will allow participants to explore the complex relationships between the different factors that create, support and sustain the rise or fall of particular markets. The workshop ends with two round table discussions to explore further the methodologies involved in researching new markets.