Since de middle of November I have been working in the expansion of the project Capital KA or Capital Knowledge in Art. I found this project so thrilling, that I cannot stop. Actually I made a list of the next wonderful projects that I have been launching in the 2022. But for now Im concentrating the expansion of the Capital KA, that consist of three parts.

The first part is already developed and running and you can see it under the domain  in a few words it consist in to convert the content of different art blogs and art magazines in shares of knowledge it is a document with an specific value that represents the value of the appreciartion of the art for the art world.

The second part that Im working righ now consist into create a reference base of knowledge and sistem to evaluate the quality of a text referencing the art world, this is made crawling the information of hundred of texts produced by experts in art and Natural Language Processing Tecnology.  The third part consist en create a sistem to valuate the text based in their quality using the reference of the stock exchange market.