ccfaf dhadmann
Otobong Nkanga

In the last months I have been focused in the ODBK and their projects. The last project of the ODBK is the Equality and Diversity Certification for the Art Institutions, this project gave me the idea to produce a new version of the project Collection of Contemporary Fine Art Fame but now taking in consideration the physical characteristics of the artists: gender and race.

So I started immediatly to work in the selection of the artists, the objective is to create the cards for 300 artists and I organized based in a balance of woman and men and race, resulting in six groups: woman black, men black, woman latin, men latin, woman arabic, men arabic, woman asian, men asian, woman white, men white. 30 of each group.

I have to said that it was not easy the selection, actually and of course the white groups was easy to find and the latin, black and arabic ones were more difficult. Other criteria that I use was that was not repeated from other artists that are already in the CCFAF project, so the artists start not being main stream but also important for the art world.

I estimate that the project will be ready in one month, for the begging of February 2021 maybe before, but I will make a announcement of the launching of the project.

Click here if you want to get more information about the CCFAF project.