Capital KA

Capital Knowledge of Art or Capital KA converts the intangibility of the knowledge in art into an asset. Those assets have the form of certificates called CeKA (Certificate of Knowledge in Art). They represent one or more pieces of information. Every piece of information has the form of an article, essay, or paper published by art magazines, academic websites, blogs, or newspapers. Every day comes fresh news from hundreds of sources building our idea of what art is. Capital KA uses the RSS feeds from those sources to create every CeKA. Every certificate encloses the text and images in form of a PDF that can be acquired through the CapitalKA system. The system assigns the name of the owner in the certificate, data are saved in the database, registered in a blockchain and the PDF can be downloaded. But how much should be the value of those certificates? This is a great question! The value of the text has defined the quality and relevance of the text for the art world. If you want to know more visit the Capital KA website