During my vacations in Mexico, I visited the Contemporary Art Museum of Queretaro. Queretaro is a city in the center of Mexico and counts with almost 1.5 million population. It has a province culture movement distributed in a couple of important museums for the city and one of them is the MACQ that is the newest one. After my visit in the museum, I watched their website and realize that they were too open for project proposals. Then I send the proposal of the ODBK/PTI Happening and they accepted to establish the ODBK for two days in the installations of the Museum.

Immediately I contacted some people who could help me with all the programs because it was a very exhaustive two days program. Conferences, debates, interviews in topics of inclusion of the Mexican Indians, women, LGBT group in the art world, the influence of the church in the appreciation of the contemporary art. We invited many relevant personalities of the intellectual community of Queretaro. The event occurred 6th and 7th of October and it was splendid and I have to thank you to the group of seven students of visual arts of the University of Queretaro for their help, enthusiasm and professionalism.

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